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Motorized Broaching Machine

Motorized Broaching Machine

The machine is a free standing unit built sturdily.

The broach is mounted in a carrier, which is drawn by a twin lead screw
   mechanism through the full stroke with the help of 0.5 HP motor.

V/U notch Broaching Machine fixture to clamp the specimen. The tooling includes the vice for
   holding the 10mm X 10mm specimen. The tooling / fixtures include the adjustors & the
   end stop necessary to ensure the notch depth & position accurately as per the standards.

The approx. weight is around 100 kg.

The machine dimension (approx.) 385mm X 385mm X 1050mm.


The machine will broach a notch in 10 mm square material to the following standards.
A.S.T.M.A 370, E23
DIN 50 115
B.S. 131 : Part I, II, III, IV
BS EN 10045 - 1993
IS 1598 1977, IS 1757 1988, IS 1499 1977


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