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Manual Model Broaching Machine ( Hand Operated )

Manual Model Broaching Machine

Notch Broaching machine suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous material for sample preparation of 'V' & 'U' notches
for Impact Testing Machine.

Notch Broaching Machine can cut correct 'U' & 'V' notches in Charpy or Izod specimen by means of multi-toothed broach. 

Manual Notch Cutting Machine :

Robustly constructed machine cuts the notches by means of a specially designed multi-toothed broach, which is drawn
across the specimen by self - push of rotating hand wheel.

A simple hand-vice for holding the specimen is built on to the machine. The tooling includes the adjustors &
end stop necessary to ensure that notch-depth & positions are correctly set.

The approx. weight is around 35 kg.

The machine dimension (Approx.) 210mm X 210mm X 1050mm.

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