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Dynamic Hardness Tester / Portable Hardness Tester / Poldi

Dynamic Hardness Tester

Portable Hardness Tester

The D-2 is an advanced pocketable hardness tester distinguished by its high accuracy, wide measuring range, simplicity of operation & above all it is a really portable instrument operating on three pencil cells of size AA. It is suitable for testing the hardness of many materials & finds applications for hardness testing in many areas of industry.

Measuring Method : The measuring principle is based on absorption of kinetic energy & its relation in conventional scales of hardness. This is achieved with help of the probe, wherein a small body with a hard tip is propelled against the test surface by a spring & latch arrangement. The motion of body is the measure of its kinetic energy. The instrument converts the signal of absorbed energy in to a chosen scale of conventional hardness.

Functions available on the display of Indicating Instrument of the portable hardness tester

1) Display of hardness in various conventional scales of hardness as given in chart below for the standard probe.
2) The instrument has compensation for the angle of probe with respect to vertical while testing.
3) Immediate conversion between available conventional scales of hardness.
4) Standard deviation & average results up to nine readings can be taken.
5) The readings can be recorded & recalled for later viewing. The max capacity being 500 readings. 
    The readings are stored serially & the serial number being displayed. There is a batch number facility 
    as well to distinguish from batch to batch. The entire batch readings can be cleared or the batch number can 
    be reset using the specific keys.
6) The machine calibration can be done using the keyboard & there is no need of any expertise to recalibrate 
    the machine.
7) Serial port (RS 232) or printer port (Centronics Compatible) is available on request.


The available conversions to conventional scales of hardness & their range displayed by the instrument for the
standard probes for the metals given below :

Probe Type Material Vickers Brinell Rockwell B Rockwell C Scheloroscopic
D/DC Steel, Cast Steel 83
D/DC Cold Work Tool Steel 80
D/DC Grey Cast Iron      93
D/DC Nodular Cast Iron      131
D/DC Cast  Alluminium Alloys     27
D/DC Copper/Zinc Alloys (Brass)     40
D/DC Cu Al/Cu Sn Alloys (Bronze)   60
D/DC Wrought Copper      45
D/DC Stainless Steel 85
D/DC Carbon Graphite          35
G Steel, Cast Steel     90
G Grey Cast Iron     95
G Nodular Cast Iron     130
C Steel, Cast Steel           20

Technical Specifications of the Indicating instrument Portable hardness tester Model D-2.
1)  Overall dimensions of the indicating Instrument:- 150mm. long,70mm. wide, 50mm. high approx.
2)  Weight of the instrument.:- 500 Gms. approx.
3)  Operating Temp:- 15 degree to 45 degree centigrade approx. (Type Test report available)
4)  Measuring accuracy:- Mean uncertainty +/- 2.0 % (corresponding to +/- 1.6 HRC at 58 HRC) 
     on standard test block. Or +/- 10 BHN on brinell test block.
5)  Operates on three dry pencil cells of size AA.

Technical Specifications of the probes available for the Portable hardness tester Model D-2.
Field of Application Probe Type D/DC Probe Type G Probe Type C

Measuring Range  :

Brinell 30-650 90-650 -------
Vickers 80-940 -------- -------
Rockwell C 20-70 -------- 20-70
Scheleroscopic 32-100 -------- -------
Preparation of Test Surface Required  :         


N7 N9 N5

Max. Roughness Depth, Rt.

10 Micron 30 Micron 2.5 Micron

Average Roughness Depth=Ra=CLA=AA

2 Micron 7 Micron 0.4 Micron
Minimum Weight of Component :      
Of Compact Shape 5Kg. 15Kg. 1.5Kg.
On a Solid Support 2-5Kg 5-15Kg 0.5-1.5Kg.
Coupled 0.1-2Kg. 0.1-5Kg. 0.1-0.5Kg.
Minimum Thickness of Coupled Component 5 mm 15 mm 1 mm
Minimum Thickness of Layer for Surface Hardened Component 0.8 mm -------- 0.2 mm
Indentation on Component with 300 Brinell Hardness         

0.54 mm

1.02 mm 0.39 mm

12.2 Micron

43.8 Micron 6.4 Micron
The Grit of Grinding Wheel Suggested for Surface of Preparation of Component 200 65 500
Height of Probe 150 mm. (D type) 250 mm 150 mm
  100 mm (DC Type)

(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

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