Measurement Standards
Standard is an artifact/ instrument/experimental set up whose value of quantity it represents.  It is accompanied by a
stated amount of uncertainty, called accuracy.

Calibration Laboratory
A Laboratory which measures, examines, calibrates or otherwise determines the characteristic or performance  of
Standard or instrument.  (ISO Guide 2 Proposed Revision)

Laboratory Accreditation System
A system having its own rules or procedure and management for carrying out laboratory accredication.

Accrediting Body
A Government authority responsible for grant, renewal and withdrawal of accreditation.

Accredited Laboratory
A calibration laboratory to which accrediation has been granted.

Accreditation  Criteria
A set of requirements used by an accrediting body which a calibration laboratory must meet in order to be accredited.

Laboratory Assessment
Examination of a calibration laboratory to evaluate its   compliance with Accreditation Criteria.

Laboratory Assessor
An individual or a team who carried out some or all functions related to laboratory assessment.

Accredited Laboratory Calibration Report
A calibration report  which includes a statement by the calibration laboratory that is accredited for the calibration done and that the
calibration has been performed in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the accrediting body.

Approved Signatory
A person recognized by an accrediting body to sign the calibration reports issued by accredited laboratory.

All the operations for the purpose of determining the capability / accuracy status of measuring  instrument (and if necessary to
determine other metrological values).  Calibration can be carried out with a view to permit the use of instrument
/ artifact / equipment/technique as a standard.

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