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Vickers Hardness Tester

Vickers Hardness Tester is simple & accurate in design. It is suitable for measuring the hardness of precision metallic parts with wide testing range - from soft to hard & their accurate results are widely acclaimed. These testers strictly conform to IS "1754 Part I & Part II - 1986

Features :
* Wide testing range, from soft metal such as lead, up to the hardest,
   like hardened steel.
* Tiny indentation allows testing of a precision finished parts.
* Thin sheet metal are perfectly tested. Because applied load is very small.
* Same Hardness number is obtained on the same specimen, regardless
   of the load applied.
* Motorized loading and unloading cycle.
* Built-in projection screen to get accurate results.

Construction :

To accommodate the high precision loading system & an optical projection screen the machine frame is designed sturdy.  Specimen is placed on testing table.  The test cycle is fully automatic.  The accurate lode is applied on a diamond penetration by means of a lever & weights.  The load is removed automatically after a specific lapse of time.  The objective is indexed with the test piece & the diamond indentation is projected on the measuring screen.  The diagonals of the indentation can be measured by means of the micrometer screw of the projection screen

Technical Data :
Vickers Hardeners Testers Model : V-50  5,10,20,30,50 kg.
V-50Sp   1,2,5,10,20,30,50 kg.
Magnification of optical projection 70X
Max. Test Height  (mm) 200
Scale least count (mm) 0.001
Depth of throat (mm) 133
Dimensions of machine (mm) L585 X W290 X H860
Weight (Approx) 73Kg.
Power Supply 220v AC, 50Hz, 1-phase
Standard Accessories :
1.  Standard Test Block 1 pc.
2.  Diamond Penetrate 1 pc.
3.  Weights 1 Set.
4.  Flat Anvil 1 pc.
5.  Vee-type Anvil ( Small & Big ) 1 pc. each
6.  Spanners 1 Set.
7.  Electric cord 1 pc.
8.  Instruction Manual 1 book

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